Camels are so lovely! They are amazingly friendly, and watching them with the camel men they act a lot like kids, trying to sneak away when they know there is work to do, or getting the camel men to chase them around in circles to stop them from getting the rope which they are attached. [...]

Sleeping under the stars

Of all sleeping arrangements, nothing beats sleeping under the stars! It’s simply starmazing! I’ve been fortunate to sleep out on a couple occations, and if you prefer like me to experience it in a more solitary environment it pays off to stop for five minutes and take in your surroundings. A quick look at what [...]

First trek to camp

This was our first trek to camp under the stars; scarfs are the passport to the Sahara, so before we started and while the camels were being loaded up, we all made sure that we were ready for the two hour trek ahead before sundown. This was our camp for the night; We met up [...]

As if by magic…

As if by magic, the sand dunes appear on the horizon! I’m socked by the scale of them, they appear like the same size as the mountains we have been following, towering above. I thought the change in landscape would have been a gradual affair, but the terrain seems consistent as far as the eye [...]

Traveling to Merzouga

We’re a few hours away from Merzouga, our starting point in the desert. Have stopped off at a cafe on this sparsely populated road. It’s been the first time where we could appreciate the heat; the sun is strong but the air is the nice side of cool. It’s been a bit strange as there [...]


Air Benhadou

On our way to our hotel in Ouarzazate, a Morrocan version of Hollywood, we stopped off at Air Benhadou used in many films such as Gladiator and Indian Jones. It has a history of being a trading hub linking the west of the atlas mountains with the east. Ouarzazate