Problem retrieving project on Team Foundation Service

I’ve come across a new bug within VS2012 and connecting to TFS today. When trying to get the source of a project which didn’t exist on my machine, I was prompted with this error:

“Multiple identities found matching workspace name ‘XXXX’ and owner name ‘’. Please specify one of the following workspace specs:”

TFS Duplicate Workspace and User combo

In the dialog you are given two workspace specs to choose from, both identical, however no option to select. On the workspace dropdown in the toolbar (shown above), there are indeed copies of my workspace ‘BONI’, however clicking on these causes the error to reappear. After these errors appear it also removes the workspace from the dropdown, but you cannot add the workspace again due to the errors which keep popping up. A bit annoying!


While I’m not sure the cause of this problem, I have had multiple instances of VS2012 open for several weeks.

I found that closing all instances of Visual Studio fixed this problem, and that the project downloaded without complaint once I reopened it.

I have seen someone else fix this problem by changing the computer name, however if you can get around it by reloading Visual Studio, that is clearly a better option.

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