The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

The Wolf Gift novel by Anne Rice (for sale)

The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice20130927-190803.jpg

I’m selling my hardback copy of my recently read ‘The Wolf Gift’ by Anne Rice, and am now looking to sell this here as a second hand book.

I’m a loyal reader of Anne Rice, and this book is well worth a read; however I was a little disappointed buying it new as it seemed she has sold out by including product endorsements throughout the book, advertising iPhone, HP, Bose, and some American shops which I haven’t heard of (being British).

Don’t get me wrong, the story is excellent, and has everything you expect from an Anne Rice novel, you just have to ignore the sometimes ‘in ya face’ blatant commercial advertising.

It’s this reason that I’m putting up for sale my first Anne Rice book, as I believe the original price is too high to include adverts, and although I would recommend reading it for the story value, the rest spoils it’s keep ability.

Condition is used, cover has damage around the edges and a page is getting loose, however it’s not dirty and perfectly readable hardback book.

I’m selling it for £5 + postage (worldwide), paid via PayPal, originally bought for £18.99

If interested, make a comment below letting me know which country you are from and email address (remains private), and I’ll send you a no obligation payment request on PayPal for the correct currency and postage. (PayPal not required)

This page will be removed once sold, so if you are reading this it is still for sale :)

P.S. I sell my bits directly to avoid commission costs from the likes of Amazon & eBay. Please check any other items by clicking the ‘For Sale’ tag below.

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