As if by magic…

As if by magic, the sand dunes appear on the horizon! I’m socked by the scale of them, they appear like the same size as the mountains we have been following, towering above.

I thought the change in landscape would have been a gradual affair, but the terrain seems consistent as far as the eye can see, with a sudden change when it meets the edge of the sand dunes.




2 thoughts on “As if by magic…

  1. The height of the sand dunes is amazing, as you say just like mountains. Is it as cold as you were expecting at night? It must be so lovely seeing all the stars. xx m

  2. Wow looks awesome,your have really strong legs when you come back u’ll be able to give me areoplanes,wwweeeeeeee;) and im going have chicken legs with all the walking ive been doing;) could really do with a foot massage and cuddle though♥x hope the stars are bright at night and you slept well,love you tons big huggs xxx

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