Camels are so lovely! They are amazingly friendly, and watching them with the camel men they act a lot like kids, trying to sneak away when they know there is work to do, or getting the camel men to chase them around in circles to stop them from getting the rope which they are attached.

And the noises! Now I know where Jurassic park got their sound effects from! High squeaks like birds, followed by a deep gut rumble, it sounds as if there’s something out there looking to eat you.

They smell toxic when salivating; but I think that is a territorial or mating as it only happens when other tribes of camels come together.


4 thoughts on “Camels

  1. Lovely to hear all your catch up stories. I would have loved to have seen the camels especially acting like kids with the camel men. Alfie and Summer would have loved seeing them too. You sound as it you have had a wonderful time and expect it has gone all too quickly for you. Dad said he will see you tomorrow and will take my mobile with him so as to make contact at Gatwick. Love m x

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