It’s hot in the desert…

This may be an obvious statement, but it’s darn hot in the desert!

The midday and afternoon heat is edging towards unbearable, and yet nowhere near the temperatures of the 60C expected in a mere few months; I would hate to imagine what it would be like in the summer.

Overnight is cold, but not as bad as the UK winter. You long for the sun to rise; the sand is cool on your feet, it’s nice walking bear foot. It doesn’t warm up until mid-morning when it becomes a relief that the sun warms your body, but that quickly changes by mid-day when you start wanting 4pm to take the edge off things.

My ‘Grandy’ Harry always used to tell war story’s, one in particular involving him and his troop being in the desert. In this story they start to experience supply problems and run out of water. He always cracked up when telling this, as they were all racking their brains on how to survive, and one private had the brainwave of using washing up liquid to wet their swollen lips.

He always cracked up for about 5 mins before he could continue with this story, as he saw the sight of these men foaming excessively out of their mouths!

Today I discovered that I had finished my water 20 mins shy of the end of the trek. Even though I had water to hand, I continued to see what it was like and before long I caught myself trying to add moisture to my lips with my not very moist tongue. Without regular sips to keep you hydrated things can quickly turn around, and I can see that restriction will quickly have an effect of discomfort.


One thought on “It’s hot in the desert…

  1. So glad Grandy told you his war stories and you were able to experience the heat and lack of water first hand. Lots of memories and I expect he was with you all the way. I suppose the sun feels a lot hotter as there is no shade to hide under whilst you are trekking. See you soon. x

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