Sleeping under the stars

Of all sleeping arrangements, nothing beats sleeping under the stars! It’s simply starmazing! I’ve been fortunate to sleep out on a couple occations, and if you prefer like me to experience it in a more solitary environment it pays off to stop for five minutes and take in your surroundings.

A quick look at what dunes are located locally to camp, any special scenery in the area, working out roughly were the sun will rise so that you get a good focal point,  making sure that camp is semi-obscured (but very visible way point incase of sandstorms), a level surface and of course making sure that there is somewhere suitable to do your middle of the night pee, all makes your experience that much more enjoyable.

Then lay back, and watch the stars and moon float around the nights sky while catching up on that perfect book.


One thought on “Sleeping under the stars

  1. I bet the skies and stars were fantastic especially sleeping under them all night. I remember them out at sea in the Carribean. What are the plants near the trees? they are unusual. Look forward to seeing all your photos. love m x

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