Traveling to Merzouga

We’re a few hours away from Merzouga, our starting point in the desert. Have stopped off at a cafe on this sparsely populated road. It’s been the first time where we could appreciate the heat; the sun is strong but the air is the nice side of cool. It’s been a bit strange as there has been snow at the side of the road on occasions even though you couldn’t stay in the sun for too long; but we’ve long left that behind now.

We have had mountains on both side of the horizon the best part of the day, and have only just turned turned into hills. There’s vast amounts of open flat space in between, with goats and the odd group of camels.



One donkey had collapsed at the side of the road fully loaded carrying this elderly lady’s possessions; it must be the equivalent of their car breaking down.

You see groups of women washing cloths in the local rivers, and we even saw a clown at a kids party.


5 thoughts on “Traveling to Merzouga

  1. Hi crazy Dave we think the clown was Jenni in disguise!! Good luck on the trek hope you don’t get too sandy! Can’t wait to see the camels lv Alfie and Summer xxx

    • Hi Alfie & Summer! I think it was Jenni that popped up to be silly! I’ve uploaded some camel pics and pictures of sand! Check out the past posts as I’ve added some bonus pics there too. The sand is so fine, it falls through your fingers if you pick it up! Love you all X I’ll try and get some more exciting photos ;) x

  2. The trip sounds awesome sooo happy your having a great time,thinking about you sleeping under the stars this eve,im a little envious ;)
    Sssshhhhh alfie and summer his not suppose to know thays me in disguise ;)

    • I’ve uploaded some more pics to the past few posts, so go take a look! it’s been amazing out here, missing you lots, can’t wait to show you all the photos I’ve taken xxx

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