.Net Problem Solving Support

Having been a .Net professional for the last 10 years(!) now, I’d thought I’d offer my services as a remote coding adviser / consultant to support particular problems within your projects.

There are two types of service which I offer:

If you are a .Net coder, or have a particular problem within your .Net project, I can offer remote support to give you advice or research on how to solve even the most tricky problems.

This is generally done with a combination of Skype, screen sharing, remote control and/or connecting to your source control.

The rates for my expertise and experience are from £20-60/hr paid via PayPal or direct bank transfer, and dependent if it is advice/problem solving or getting the old hands dirty.

On the other hand, if you have a .Net project which needs ongoing support and development, then I am a project manager at Denaploy and run a team of 6 programmers and graphic designers. Standard rates are £60/hr.

Either way, feel free to pick up the phone, and we’ll talk through any coding related problems.

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