Off to Morocco

Tomorrow I start my journey to the Sahara desert; Am flying into Marrakesh, Morocco first thing, and starting my journey to Merzouga located on the edge of the Sahara. Hopefully I’ll get a local SIM and be able to upload some pics at certain points on my trek; so look for a flurry of posts [...]

.Net bug when adding ‘MaxLength’ attribute to MultiLine Textboxes

Another little hidden feature within .Net for you! .Net kindly ignores the ‘MaxLength’ attribute for a textbox with it’s ‘TextMode’ set to ‘MultiLine’, if it is set within the frontend files. Woop! Why I’m not sure, but the simple workaround is to do this within the backend. Personally I choose to do it within the [...]

Trapdoor Birthday Cake

Trapdoor Birthday Cake

Another year older, yet another fantastic birthday cake! I love Trapdoor still to this day, so when my miss’s & mum brought through a cake with all my favourite characters, I was naturally delighted Wow, there’s Berk, Boni, Drutt, Rogg and ‘The thing upstairs’ which was down the trapdoor for a change, and of course [...]