.Net bug when adding ‘MaxLength’ attribute to MultiLine Textboxes

Another little hidden feature within .Net for you! .Net kindly ignores the ‘MaxLength’ attribute for a textbox with it’s ‘TextMode’ set to ‘MultiLine’, if it is set within the frontend files. Woop! Why I’m not sure, but the simple workaround is to do this within the backend. Personally I choose to do it within the [...]

Postcode Grouping Regular Expression for Royal Mail Line Listing Reports

There are many regex postcode validators out there, some good, some not so great, but few cover splitting the postcode into it’s 4 elements in order to use and process this data. In my case I have created this regular expression to develop an in-house sorting office for Royal Mail’s line listing reports. The following [...]

.Net Calendar Control to Select Today’s Date on Page_Load

The .Net calendar control has the .SelectedDate parameter which you can read or write from, however it may initially stump you that when setting .SelectedDate to DateTime.Now on Page_Load, the control does not render todays date as the selected value; instead it appears that no date is selected. The calendar control when in day view, [...]

Extending iPhone Battery

Yes, the iPhone’s battery life is terrible, especially if you use it. If your running an app which makes use of it’s features to the full extend, you may only be looking at a couple of hours run time; rubbish! Even by limiting it’s use, sometimes you can find that you don’t get much more [...]