.Net bug when adding ‘MaxLength’ attribute to MultiLine Textboxes

Another little hidden feature within .Net for you! .Net kindly ignores the ‘MaxLength’ attribute for a textbox with it’s ‘TextMode’ set to ‘MultiLine’, if it is set within the frontend files. Woop! Why I’m not sure, but the simple workaround is to do this within the backend. Personally I choose to do it within the [...]

.Net Calendar Control to Select Today’s Date on Page_Load

The .Net calendar control has the .SelectedDate parameter which you can read or write from, however it may initially stump you that when setting .SelectedDate to DateTime.Now on Page_Load, the control does not render todays date as the selected value; instead it appears that no date is selected. The calendar control when in day view, [...]


Note:This is a legacy article for workarounds with .Net frameworks 1.x and 2.0 For those of you who love dabbling with rewriting URLs, you have most probably become aware that Dot Net 2.0+ handles postbacks and viewstates differently to Dot Net 1.x. The action attribute within the form tag sends postbacks back to the physical [...]